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Remote Start MN is a small business in Minnesota owned an operated by a sole proprietor with over 21 years professional experience in the remote start and security system industry and we will never be a large company backed by share holders or franchises. Located at 9053 Flying Cloud Drive Eden Prairie MN 55347 (Upper Area - Next to Modern Auto Care).

Owner Statement:
"As a small business owner who has the privilege of doing what I love to do to feed my family I vow to treat my clients fair and to never compromise quality of product or craftsmanship. I will invest the time needed to educate my clients and provide them with as much up front information as I possibly can before they make a purchase. I will address concerns and issues in a timely manor and try to solve problems in the most constructive way possible always providing excellent service especially after a sale has already occurred. It is my honor to apply my knowledge, experience and effort into each and every sale and installation that I do."

The focus for Remote Start MN is on building one on one relationships with its clients providing products and services that are catered to your exact needs and budget and as a part of our focus we are committed to listening to the requests made by our clients and providing honest and knowledgeable advice about our products and services. is a one of a kind website designed to give its users instant vehicle specific quotes and other important product and installation information. is designed to provide answers to common questions and other information that a potential remote start or security system purchaser should know before they finalize their purchase and we developed the website in house using hand written code and our own graphic designs. Remote Start MN provides EXPERT installations at our shop located at 9053 Flying Cloud Drive (Upper Area - Next to Modern Auto Care) in Eden Prairie MN. Remote Start MN offers competitive pricing and we will always provide quality components, craftsmanship and customer service that can not be beat by shops offering large discounts through Living Social, Groupon, Google or Amazon Local deals as we have higher standards for your installation and products.

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If you have questions, comments or suggestions please give us a call at (612) 735-6186 use our contact page or check out our facebook page.
Call (612) 735-6186
open Monday - Friday from 10:00am to 6:00pm and Closed Saturday and Sunday

We offer Installations at 9053 Flying Cloud Drive. Eden Prairie MN 55347 (Upper Area next to TGK Automotive). Installation by appointment only.

Terms Of Service.
Thank you for your business! Please remember that peak times are September, October, November and December and appointments can get booked out during these peak times. Act now to secure an appointment