Quote amounts are firmly adhered to by Remote Start MN staff. Additional parts and labor may only consist of additional labor even though there will be a bypass module model number listed in the quote or on your receipt. Internal components may vary from model numbers listed in quote and or on receipt of purchase. Products are sold and listed as an end result consisting of the pictured remotes and listed features. In some cases model numbers are used as reference only to the manufacturer’s remote style. Internal part exclusions or substitutions may occur. Quoting is based on parts and or labor that may be required to achieve an end result and part numbers listed as additional parts and labor may be excluded or substituted as needed to achieve end results. If you are providing your own system and requested from Remote Start MN staff to book an appointment online using the quote system by first selecting a system within our website and then proceeding with the scheduling areas the terms on this page are all still applicable to your installation and or additional parts and labor. All un-used extra parts, additional wiring harnesses, etc. will not be supplied to client and are to be considered property of Remote Start MN. Remote Start products and installations are non-returnable, non-refundable under any circumstance. Items described as OEM or Factory on the Remote Start MN website refer to the style in which the product operates and in no way does OEM or Factory mean that the manufacturer of the product is the same as the manufacturer of the vehicle. Plug and play system may refer to a system that is not entirely assembled in house and may only consist of a few plug and play components. Plug and play systems may still have hard wiring or splicing in the vehicle. Store receipts will be issued from the parent company which owns RemoteStartMN.com (12 Volt Heaven)

Products and Labour Return Policy:

Products, Services and Labour fee's are NON-REFUNDABLE. Under no circumstances will the company reimburse the client for Installation Charges, Service Charges, Schedule Charges or any other labour related service.

Product Warranty Policy:

Products are covered under the manufactures warranty against manufacture default and in the event that a product will need serving or need to be sent in for service it is the client's responsibility to pay for any and all shipping charges associated with the servicing or warranty service. If the product is past the time where the manufacture will cover defects it is the clients responsibility to pay for service charges associated with repair or diagnostic of the product. It is at the company's (12 Volt Heaven) discretion to replace, repair or exchange the item past the amount of time allowed for return as noted in the section above titled "Product Return Policy" and under no circumstances will a product be covered under warranty that was tampered with or serviced by anyone other than a company (12 Volt Heaven) Technician or someone authorized by the company to do servicing to the product.

Services and Labour Warranty Policy:

Services, Installations and Labour have a Lifetime warranty (For the lifetime of the vehicle so long as the original purchaser owns the vehicle) covered by the company (12 Volt Heaven). To obtain warranty service for an installation all products must still bear the "Installed by" sticker and must not have been tampered with or de-installed by anyone other than a company (12 Volt Heaven) Technician. Warranty of Services, Installations and Labour covers wiring or other installation materials, labour rates and scheduling fee's associated with warranty repair. Under no circumstances does the company (12 Volt Heaven) authorize other shops or technicians to complete diagnostics or service on installations performed by the company (12 Volt Heaven) and under no circumstances will the company (12 Volt Heaven) compensate a client, shop or technician for diagnostic or repair work.

Reverse Installation Charges:

Reverse installation charges will be applied in the event that a client wants to return a product that the company (12 Volt Heaven) has installed. The company (12 Volt Heaven) does not refund Services, Installations or Labour charges ever and if there is a product that a customer would like to return after the company (12 Volt Heaven) has installed it into a vehicle the company (12 Volt Heaven) will access a "Reverse Installation Charge" equal to no more than half of the original installation charge.

Responsibility for Items:

The Client is responsible for items or valuables left in the vehicle at the time of service and at no point will the company (12 Volt Heaven) be held responsible for missing, damaged or lost items or valuables that the client is responsible for.

Responsibility for Damages:

In the event that the company (12 Volt Heaven) damages a vehicle or vehicle components, the company (12 Volt Heaven) will replace or repair at its discretion damages in or on the vehicle. Damage claims may only be made for up to 30 days after the initial installation. The company (12 Volt Heaven) is not liable for damages that are pre-existing or otherwise present before the company (12 Volt Heaven) performed service on the vehicle. Damages that the company (12 Volt Heaven) is responsible for are required to be inspected by a company (12 Volt Heaven) technician before any compensation, replacement or repair of any damaged item the company (12 Volt Heaven) must be given the chance to inspect and repair damages. The Client is responsible for the integrity, compatibility and stability of equipment that was not provided by the company (12 Volt Heaven) and at no time will the company be held liable for used equipment that is not provided by the company. At no time is the Company (12 Volt Heaven) responsible for personal injury resulting from use of the products that the company sells or installs.

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